It’s about love, the reason we do what we do, because with love, comes peace. Our love is from the magic of words, be they in written pages, sung from the heart in music, or told over a campfire  deep in the wilderness. Words help create memories. The same memories retold in stories; your story, my story and stories of generations to follow.

  • We want to help protect the environment so others have a chance to live their story.
  • We want to help tell your story.

An independent publishing company, we work with writers and artists interested in self-publishing their works.

As a cost of doing business, we take the first 30% of total book sales and rather than take those funds for shareholder profits, we will partner with charities that support causes we believe in.

  • Environmental Preservation and Protection
  • Women & Children – giving them a hand UP
  • HIV/AIDS Eradication
  • or any other organization that feeds the writers passion

Be a part of our story.