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Every book purchase made from this website will contribute funds to help preserve nature’s trails allowing others to have experiences so they too, have a story to tell.


“you love the earth because, like the tit for a baby, or umbilical cord to the fetus, it is what feeds and nourishes us; the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath. love is like the blood in our veins, and the air we breathe, it is sustenance.”

- Taken from The Thinking Log


We self publish because we have a deep passion for the art of the word, and the stories that unfold. As a cost of doing business, a portion of our sales will be given to benefit the shareholders of our beautiful Mother Earth.


A portion of all sales of “The Thinking Log” will help medicate women and children in an effort to eradicate HIV/AIDS

An Independent Publishing Company

We work with independent artists looking to self-publish their works. To give back, a portion of total sales from this website will be used to support causes that help strengthen the fabric of our society.

Thirty percent of each sale will be donated to organizations holding the same passion we do to protect the air we breathe, the soil growing the foods we eat, the waters that feed everything we see with our waking eye.

We will give to organizations that help those afflicted with measures of poverty; to give them a hand UP. And to organizations geared to help eradicate the plague of our generation–HIV/AIDS. If we are to end this disease, any disease, we must enable those afflicted to heal with medications that are affordable.

Your purchase will contribute toward profiting real shareholders, people like you and me who strive to improve our community, our home, so that we may live the life we were destined to.

The Thinking Log

by R. Rachel Gauna

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